Massimo Polidoro's Files

At the moment, these pages are only available in Italian. While they are being translated, please refer to the Italian Section.

Investigations File

Since 1988 Massimo Polidoro has investigated dozens of claimed paranormal events and conducted tests, experiments, researches and explorations in order to determine if anything paranormal exists or not. In these pages some of the most significant experiences so far. Part of these experiences have also been collected in Massimo's new book: Secrets of the Psychics.

Historical Investigations File

History is one of the richest fields of unsolved mysteries: inevitably, Massimo has been drawn to it since the beginning of his career as an investigator of "strange things". In these section, a list of the subjects on which Massimo has conducted researches subsequently published in his books.

Articles File

Massimo has published over 300 articles so far in magazines, journals and newspapers all over the world. Here is a selection of his work.

Photo File

Photos of Massimo Polidoro, of his friends and of some of his exploits. Some pictures are available in hi-res for professional use.

Hobbies File

Some of Massimo Polidoro most beloved subjects, from magic to music, cinema and tv, art and history, thrillers and comic books...

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