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[16.Nov.05] Legend Detectives now showing. The TV series in which Massimo is one of the hosts is now airing on Discovery Channel. Here are the dates of the 6 shows.
[26.July.05] New book out in September. While Massimo continues filming for Discovery all over Europe - the series, 6 episodes, 60 minutes each, will be titled Legend Detectives - it has been announced that his new book, dealing with historical True Crime events, will be published in Italy on September 1st.
[20.May.05] A New TV Series for Massimo. All through this Summer, Massimo Polidoro will be filming a six-episodes series for Discovery Channel Europe, devoted to the investigation of famous mysteries and legends of Europe. The series will air next Fall.
[30.April.05] Jack the Ripper online. Massimo's latest article on a new "Ripper" candidate, published in The Skeptical Inquirer, is now online.
[18.February.05] A Mystery Novel inspired by Massimo. A character openly inspired to Massimo Polidoro is at the centre of a thriller recently published in Italy, L'eredità di Bric (Bric's Legacy), by Giacomo Gardumi (more here, in Italian).
[28.January.05] Facts and Fiction in the Kennedy Assassination. It's the subject of a new article by Massimo Polidoro for The Skeptical Inquirer. Read the article here.
[23.January.05] The Secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau and other Mysteries: now online. Massimo's Report on RLC for The Skeptical Inquirer is now available online here. Also available, now, are Massimo's recent Columns for SI on Homeopathy, Creationists against Darwin, a case of fraud related to the Shroud of Turin and the "mysterious" Sicilian fires.
[08.August.04] Historical Crimes. Massimo Polidoro's new book in Italian will be published on September 8th, and will deal with some famous crimes and mysteries of the past, including: Anastasia, the Man in the Iron Mask, Amelia Earhart, Jack the Ripper, Kaspar Hauser, The Assassination of JFK and the Monster of Florence. More information (in Italian) about the book: here.
[22.July.04] Investigating Rennes-le-Chateau. Massimo has just visited the mysterious little town of Rennes-le-Chateau, in France, where it is said that secrets related to the Holy Grail are hidden. A report on the investigation has just been published in the Italian magazine Focus (August 10) and a new report will soon follow in The Skeptical Inquirer.
[16.July.04] Mysterious Fires in Sicily. It's the subject of Massimo's new column in The Skeptical Inquirer. Another of Massimo's articles for the magazine, this one about a case of fraud related to the Shroud of Turin, is now available online here.
[16.Apr.04] Massimo on the JREF Newsletter. The issue of the James Randi Educational Foundation Newsletter, with Massimo's brief report on the fires at Caronia and a related mystery now solved, is online here.
[09.Apr.04] Investigating Mysterious Fires. Massimo's investigation of the strange fires happening in Canneto di Caronia, Sicily, is being covered by various international media, including Reuters, CNN, MSNBC. The James Randi Educational Foundation is going to run a commentary by Massimo and The Skeptical Inquirer is soon going to publish a longer report on the case.
[10.Mar.04] The Case of the Holy Fraudster. This is the title of Massimo's new article for his column in The Skeptical Inquirer, and it deals with the claims of a Russian researcher that were said to prove why the Shroud of Turin was "wrongly" dated to the XIV Century. It turns out that the claims were a bit... stretched.
[01.Mar.04] Professor of Anomalistic Psychology. Massimo is now Contract Professor of a Course in "Scientific Method, Pseudoscience and Anomalistic Psychology" at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy).
[18.Feb.04] Mysterious fires in Sicily. Massimo is currently investigating the strange fires that struck the little village of Caronia, near Messina (Sicily). An examination of the case will soon be published in The Skeptical Inquirer.
[19.Jan.04] Forum open. A new section of the site is now open; it's a Forum available to readers from all over the world to ask questions to Massimo Polidoro. A selection (mainly from Italy, but also from the US and South America) is already online here.
[10.Jan.04] World Congress site. The Official web site of the World Skeptic's Congress is now open and will be regularly updated. You can visit it here.
[20.dec.03] What a Bloody Miracle. Massimo examines the extraordinary relic believed to be the blood of St. Lawrence (which like the St. Januarius one liquefies every year) and discovers that... Read it in the lastest "Notes on a Strange World" column in The Skeptical Inquirer.
[08.dec.03] Secrets of the Psychics. Is the title of Massimo Polidoro's new book which has just been published. It deals with his investigations among psychics and mediums.
[01.dec.03] Houdini's Final Days. This is the subject of Massimo's new article for his Skeptical Inquirer's column "Notes on a Strange World" (read here some past articles).


[13.oct.03] Gli enigmi della storia (Enigmas of the Past) Is Massimo's new book in Italian; it follows the success of the previous Grandi misteri della storia (Great Mysteries of the Past), which has already been translated for the Spanish market. Randi recently plugged the book on his website.

Cover of Book: Final Seance.

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World Skeptics Congress to be held in Italy. The International event that reunites all skeptics around the world will be held between October 8-10, 2004 in Italy, very close to Venice. Massimo Polidoro is working right now with the organizing team on the program and, very soon, a web site devoted to the Congress will be open.

Massimo Polidoro elected Fellow of CSICOP After many years of cooperation, Massimo Polidoro was recently nominated Research Fellow of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, along with friend and colleague Richard Wiseman, psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire.
Reviews of Final Séance online. Some reviews of Massimo's book on the strange friendship between Houdini and Conan Doyle are now online.

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