A biography for the Amazing Randi

It was announced by James Randi, during the opening remarks for this year’s TAM (The Amazing Meeting), that a biography of his life will finally be written and that I will be the one who will write it.

The work for what promises to be a lengthy and engaging book has actually been underway for quite some time. On Sunday, at 1.15pm, I will tell how the project came to be and what are the plans for the future.

Meanwhile, I am collecting on video, from the participants at the meeting, short personal stories involving Randi. So, if you are at TAM and would like to share your story, don’t be shy and introduce yourself. I am looking forward to it!

If you are not going to be around on Sunday, but would like to be kept updated on the project, drop me a note at this email address: soon I will have a newsletter and a web page up and will share material and updates. Thank you.


Massimo Polidoro

Writer, journalist and Executive director of CICAP, the Italian skeptical organization, taught Anomalistic Psychology at the University of Milan, Italy. A James Randi‘s apprentice in mystery detection, he is a Fellow of the Center for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) and the author of 40+ books and hundreds of articles, including a few dozens published in his “Notes on a Strange World” column in The Skeptical Inquirer. He is on FacebookTwitter and Google+.


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